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Humans: Resilient, Adaptable, and always confident, humans have an ability to work together toward common goals that makes them a force to be reckoned with. Though short-lived compared to other races, their boundless energy and drive allow them to accomplish much in their brief lifetimes.

Zata: Tall, Stoic, and Somewhat Unnatural, Zata are a race of grey-skinned aliens, who possess mental ability once thought to be supernatural.

Xarak: Strong and Alert, Xarak are a four-armed warrior race of Lizard-men. While they seem hostile to many, they live by a code of honor. Xarak view Zata as their mortal enemies.

Slate: Advanced Robots with a biological component, designed for advanced problem solving and adaptability. 

Angala: This race of 'glowing' beatific Humanoids have apparently charming effects on most races. Often black skinned, the angala resemble something like the Elves of ancient human lore.

Cascanites: Tactically minded and surprisingly friendly, Cascanites are a near-human race of amphibious aliens. Three slim gills mark each side of their necks, near the shoulder, along with their diverse range of skin tones and finned fingers and toes make the Piscellion standout to many species. 

Gremlins: This short race of furry troublemakers have found their way into the greater galaxy despite not having yet discovered space flight on their own. Chaotic, Destructive, and often Genius, Gremlins are viewed as oddities in the Galaxy. 

Hybrid: Born from genetic experiments conducted long ago, these grey-skinned humanoids called Hybrid's are the result of the mixing of Human and Zata DNA. Adaptable as their Human parentage, and gifted with the Psychic abilities of the Zata, Hybrid are often viewed by both races as outsiders.


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