Edge of Ætherium

Edge of Ætherium, or simply Aetherium for short, is my pet project at attempting to use the Pathfinder RPG to create a heavy Sci-fi Roleplaying Game with same Pathfinder framework and customizability. Similar projects, like Encounter Table Publishing's Aethera or the Paizo's own Starfinder, seek to create Fantasy stories in a Sci-fi environments, while the aim of Aetherium is to create a system more adept at telling a more High Technology leveled Science Fiction Adventure. 

This project is still in its earliest of stages, and much of the language used throughout the page will still reflect the high fantasy nature of the Pathfinder RPG. In time the language throughout the page will be adapted to a more 'Sci-fi' theme.

The Wiki is the place to start looking over 'Aetherium' rules and options available currently.

Edge of Ætherium